CampDigital 2019

I have to admit that the foreign educational environment offers many opportunities to engage with professional activities. Camp Digital is an inspirational conference that brings together the digital, design and UX communities for a series of seminars exploring the latest thinking in our industry. #2019/06/12

In my previous work, I was not a coder but also engaged in application design including functions, UI and UX. But actually I am not professional enough to do these work cos I only rely on my experience and personal thinking. Fortunately, it’s not bad. So I am really interested in this area. In my opinion, these are the work of art in IT. Wonderful!

The first topic for this event is quite interesting. Taking the US election method as an example, some election questionnaires and methods were compared. Actually, I am not familiar with the election. AND DON’T ASK THE REASON LOL. However, it can be understood that the more products or services the user is facing, the more complex factors are considered in the design. So the most critical, or the only thing that can be done, is to meet the needs of most stakeholders. For example, when an election is held in a country where almost half of the citizens are not good at reading, the questionnaire is full of massive words is not a sensible design.

The contents of the morning were very interesting. The second one mentioned the products of Disney. But the most impressive idea for me is: DO NOT THINK WHY IT FAILED, BUT WHAT CAN DO NEXT. This is actually very easy to understand the empirical theory, but in many cases, it will always focus on how to find reasons for failure. After all, failure will bring losses, and doing so may bring some comfort. BUT the next is always more important.

When I had lunch, I met a girl who looked young but already working. This was a free lunch! She is engaged in UX research at a consulting firm. Unlike my country, in the UK, there are many IT consulting companies. I also discuss this phenomenon with my tutor before. In my opinion, the reason why IT consulting companies are not popular in China is the situations of the progress of each industry. IT itself is a service industry and it can help other industries improve producing efficiency and innovation progress. So comparing with the situations of industries in these two countries, it’s more long-standing and stable in the UK while it’s developing at a rapid pace in China. Now, this is the stage of the rapid development of the IT industry, so the way to directly combine the main business with IT is to comply with this trend. By contrast, in the UK, professional companies are more trustworthy.

Unfortunately, I was too tired to attend all the seminar in the afternoon. But this was a really excellent and impressive experience for me!