25th Feb. 2019

The weather in Manchester is really excellent recently, while I hear that there is always raining in most coastal cities in my country. And this is my first diary in this blog because one of my best friends asked me to write down what I thought and what happened today.

My Recent Situation

This is the first time that I have not been with my families to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival. Before the end of the previous year, I ended all the content of the first semester, including the exam; completed the release of the test version of the application I was responsible for. In short, there have been many happy and sorrowful things in 2018. And recently, I thought I would have a better academic life in the new semester, but I was wrong. Actually, I do not have too many course units now, while I still feel pretty stressful because of mindfulness for concentration and perfectionism. In addition to the course study, I also need to start preparing for my project of the master’s degree, applying for a job and planning a new idea that has just emerged today — self-employment.


I should thank two of my classmates who had dinner with me today. In the chat after that, a very interesting idea suddenly appeared in my mind. This made me thought seriously about how to make the idea become a real business all night which I had no idea before, especially in a foreign country. Because self-employment sounds like a very big challenge for me and I don’t think I can consider all aspects well and plan well and execute well. But I think the reason why I was diffident is there are no concrete ideas and clear goals in my mind before today.

The first thing I can think of was to verify the feasibility of this idea. My initial plan is to set up the business in the UK instead of China because of the market and environment. Of course, I cannot handle it along in order to various factors and industries it relevant. Moreover, I can clearly know that no reward would be got until making it become real. Even if I can approve it’s very beneficial to do business based on this idea, I still need to do some survey, analyse data and write business plan to treat this behaviour as a venture. There is still a long way to go.

So for now, there are several key points I have to do or to address next showed the Eisenhower Decision Matrix.

Aim in Mind

The first people I can think of that he/she can help me perhaps is one of my teammates in the previous coursework group. He has got his bachelor’s degree in the US and he is studying in MBS now. That’s quite good because of his English skills, thinking patterns and also study background, even if no work experience. After around 1hour talking, he told me that he still insists to work in China after graduating with a very clear aim. On the other hand, my other good friend has been hesitating to choose where to earn a PhD. Because of the programme she is studying, studying for a PhD degree is a very good choice. But for various reasons, such as age, marriage, expenses, etc., this goal has not yet been firm for her.

For young students who are graduating, it is very difficult to make the right choice for the future plan. Principally, no one can guarantee which choice is “correct.” Normal students cannot rely on experience to make decisions, except for a small number of students who have some work or other experience. In addition, people also need to consider the impact of various factors when making a judgement for their future. At this time, interests and ideas become an important support for a firm goal. After all, human always gets answers about life in constant trials. In this way, I am very supportive of the choice of interest.

Happy Talking

I need to especially thank the good friend who asked me to write this diary. Because of the jet lag, I didn’t communicate with her about the idea for self-employment until midnight. What impressed me the most during the conversation was that the improvement of abilities and skills brought about by the work was more significant than the simple study. Of course, we only discuss which way is more conducive to the development of professional capabilities. We also roughly compare the market environment of several countries in different regions and the development of the IT industry. In addition, she helped me solve some of the important or unimportant issues I have encountered recently. Thanks again for her help.

Suggestions for my delimma

Next, I wanna talk about the most serious problem I have met these days and I still did not tackle it well, which is perfectionism. Actually, this is a problem that I have always had, and I have always been aware of the existence of this problem, and I have never thought of a good solution for it.

The reason why I have paid attention to perfectionism until now is that it has brought a particularly adverse impact on my academic life. For example, the content of a course unit in the last semester is quite related to my previous work, so I really want to present many of the situations I met in my previous work in the final essay. But in fact this is a very difficult process of thinking. In the process of writing an essay, I found that the basic knowledge involved in the lectures was not enough to support me to critically evaluate the problems I have encountered before. I need to spend a lot of time reading enough literature to cope with and explain them. I hope that I can make good essays or projects with my own strengths, but it is unrealistic for my current ability to meet my high requirements. So the final results were often much lower than expected, which makes me feel quite depressed.

My friend’s suggestion for this problem is that I should rationally list the tasks that need to be completed during the stage of planning and set reasonable deadlines for each task. In other words, the first and most important step is that I need to focus on the plan. Rationally thinking of the feasibility of the task before setting a goal for yourself, and then make a plan based on the results. I believe this practice should help me if I can do it.

Satisfy my cuorisity

My curiosity refers to the operation patterns and social responsibility of some Internet media companies in China. These are sensitive content.

Making CV

Finally, I would like to figure out how to write a CV for applying for a job. Although I have been working for several years and have had a lot of recruitment experience, I have actually not participated in a job interview for a very long time. Moreover, I would like to know more about the requirements of CVs for large-scale technology companies in China and other countries. Because my friend has had some interviews with world-renowned companies and is currently working for a very famous technology company in China, I believe her suggestions.

If it is used for interviews with domestic companies, the basic structure of the CV is as follows. Basic information; personal summary; work experience, project/programme/portfolio experience; education; skills; personal interests; interests for the company.

As she said, domestic companies seem to focus on the interviewer’s actual work experience, while foreign companies want to know the interviewer’s personal abilities and skills from details. Therefore, if a CV is prepared for the interview of a foreign company, the order of the content may need to be adjusted in the CV, while the above structure should be applicable to all situations. In addition, the interviewer also needs to pay attention to the format and layout of the CV , as well as the number of pages.

Good Night

As you see, this is a very informal diary. I did not talk about the detail of my idea but the thoughts I got today. And now, writing blog frequently is still a tough job for me but I need to try to keep this habit. Have a good night:)

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