These days after finishing uni stuff

I have been really long time no writing something.

Human always gets lazy without any pressure. The last several days in the uni, I suffered from extreme stress due to the final project. Feeling nervous, getting insomnia and even losing my hair… And after that, I have had some travels to Switzerland and Turkey. To be honest, I would really like to share those travelling experience here after finishing each trip. However, as you know, I always get lazy without any pressure.

And after that, I also have something to do actually. I put three the most important goals into my wish list. Til now, one of them I have known is I got the distinction of my master’s degree. So I think it was worth losing so much hair and I also never regret that I had no one trip out of the UK during the academic period. In fact, in the study abroad circle in Europe, many Chinese students often use their free time to travel to neighbouring countries. So basically every day in my social media, there were many photos of different people in different countries, and with positioning. Who does not like to have fun! So my times was basically spent in envy and anxiety. But at least, I am masted in being self-controlled and also got the not bad result. The second one is successfully inviting my mon to the UK to attend my graduation ceremony. It must be a very nice experience. The last goal is about a specification I am trying to apply. It’s about project management. And because of this, I made a decision of my future career plan that I would like to be a software project manager. Indeed, it’s hard. But it’s because it’s hard. So I suppose only after I get this certification, I will be ready for the next work. Also because of this, there are so many thoughts about software project management, daily management and agile I would like to share and discuss. So I promise I will find some time to write them down!

Alright, let’s say something I really feel exciting. I bought a set of suit recently! And this is the first formal suit of my life! Maybe because I didn’t have the opportunity to wear a formal suit in my previous life environment, so I didn’t have a set. When I first wore it, it was like the feeling of stealing my dad’s clothes when I was a kid. I felt that I really grew up at that moment. And it looks nice right!

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