Happy Birthday to My Grandma

To be honest, I feel quite ashamed that I can’t even remember the birthdays of my grandpa and grandma clearly. Fortunately, my mon reminded me a few days ago.

To my mind, my grandma is a very traditional Chinese senior who was born and grew up in the coastal countryside throughout her entire life. She was not the youth who was at the forefront of the era having the chance to get a higher education. In her early young age, she got married to my grandpa who was one of her neighbours. As a result, she hasn’t experienced the time of feeling the love that young people are accustomed to these days. Throughout her life, she has experienced the founding of New China, the Cultural Revolution, and reform and opening up, while there have been no major ups and downs in her mind. what she often says are all about us.

I suppose I am the one who is the least aware of my grandma among my peers. Like, I can’t realise that pair of badminton bats in my house was bought by my grandma several years ago, cuz we did not even see her doing any sports. My grandparents have moved to live in the countryside since my cousins growing up. They always said they feel much more happiness than other seniors in the village. Their children are filial and their lives are rich. However, she must be always looking forward to being asked if any kid would like to play badminton with her. Like, she used to be a beautiful woman. In my memories, I have sometimes been asked for seeking some skin cares effectively for freckle removal since I studied in the city, while I did not care it a lot. After working, I used to buy clothing stuff for my grandparents several times, but every time she was not satisfied with them so much. Once I knew the reason from my young sister that she actually likes those clothes. My grandma once told her that she thought these freckle on her face made her not confident even in delicate clothes. I guess she may have accepted the fact that she is getting old, but there has always been a lovely girl in her heart.

Since my childhood, I have not paid much attention to the so-called ‘matter of adults’. So far, they still treat me as a kid and have not completely told me what happened in my family over the years. Now that I think about it, I seem to understand her love for us without expressing it. She was keeping saying it’s not necessary to celebrate her birthday when we brought out the cake. After I tried to persuade her, she pushed me slightly away and went into the bedroom. After a while, she was coming out with tears, and all of the families were enjoying this peaceful joy. My grandma made a wish with for nearly more than two minutes. She just had too many wishes to fulfil. This celebration came too late so that everyone did not know how many candles should be put on the cake so that our love for her was so full and so deep.

I would ‘appreciate’ the epidemic that I could have the opportunity to stay at home with them for such a long time, from the Spring Festival to my grandma’s birthday. But of course, I really hope that it will go as soon as possible and everyone will keep health and return to a normal and happy life.

22nd Feb. 2020

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