Calm Down Please

Let’s talk about one of the bad news today.

I was informed that one of the job applications has been rejected. The company I applied for is one of the few firms that meet my expectations: well-known, large-scaled, IT industrial, doing Agile, etc. etc. But I was not surprised by the result because I have realised there will be a struggle again for me to seeking an ideal job when I search for opportunities online. The biggest obstacle is that one requirement of the positions I would like to apply is having abundant experience in Agile practice in business, while I have only obtained some certifications but little experience with working as such a specific position.

I admit that I am a ‘perfectionist’. Due to the lack of relevant experience, the only thing I can do to make myself ‘perfect’ is grabbing the theoretical and empirical knowledge from books, articles, videos and so forth. It’s completely true that the accumulation of theory cannot make up for the lack of experience. But at least keeping learning helps me keep thinking. In fact, I am not in a hurry to find a job right away, because my goal is to do the things I expect, not just a normal job. More precisely, the only factor that makes me feel anxious now is not that I can’t find a job, but that I can’t immediately inspect and adapt my thinking in practice.

Anyway, I believe the passion for my next career will always exist in my heart. And thanks again to the stranger who posted the sentence below which means if you are missing yourself, choosing the more struggling path to go. This has inspired me once, and it gives me courage again.

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